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4 Reasons Why Crypto Followers Should Use Telegram

4 Reasons Why Crypto Followers Should Use Telegram

Like every other industry, crypto caters to hundreds of participants. Each day, the cryptosphere extends further with new users entering this market in the hopes of making a significant profit. But with a financial market with more than 21,000 different cryptos to invest in, the level of chaos is unparalleled. In such a situation, new and old market participants and crypto enthusiasts require a dependable social messaging platform to do more than just communicate.

Over the years, Telegram, which is global, cross-platform, and cloud-based, has emerged as crypto market participants’ preferred instant messaging platform. Telegram’s primary services for cryptocurrency traders are as follows:

  • Sharing information instantly
  • A full-fledged crypto community
  • Both public and private rooms

Other than these perks, Telegram offers several other advantages for the entire crypto community, which is why traders, influencers, investors, project administrators, journalists, and everyone else use it.

We have listed four significant reasons below:

Privacy and security are unlike any other IM platform

Telegram offers top-notch privacy when it comes to communication and messaging platforms. Ever since it launched, Telegram has become known as a privacy-centric messaging platform. This became one of the significant attributes that pulled crypto followers to its platform.

Despite its centralized approach, Telegram is favored by crypto followers because they get chats with multi-device access. Not only that, there is an option to activate 2FA, a passcode, and other features to safeguard one’s account. Ultimately, Telegram has become famous for being private as well as highly secure for cryptocurrency market participants who prefer both.

It is meant for tasks beyond messaging

Instead of Facebook-owned WhatsApp’s end-to-end encrypted messaging, Telegram users have the option of multi-device sync, using which they can access their past chat history. While Telegram does not offer end-to-end encryption for chats by default, users have the option to start secret chats where this facility is available. This means that secret chat messages are not stored on Telegram servers.

Though it should be an alarming sign for all those who prefer a decentralized approach, Telegram’s founder, Pavel Durov, argues that the current approach is way more beneficial. For example, it allows seamless multi-device sync, which is not possible on other competitors’ platforms. The option of sending large documents and videos is also a plus. By downplaying end-to-end encryption, Telegram ensures that users do not lose messages even if they lose access to their devices.

Using channels as a one-way broadcast

Unlike any other messaging platform, Telegram offers a one-way broadcast feature, through which it has become so popular in cryptography circles. You can also think of it as a full-fledged feed of information that crypto followers join to receive important news and updates from project administrators. In a Telegram channel, users are not allowed to send messages.

For companies, Telegram channels are a lucrative feature to keep their community up-to-date. Some expert traders use channels to monetize their services and charge subscription fees for exclusive trading tips.

Bots to minimize manual work

Another feature that separates Telegram from any other online messaging platform is its bot offering. Any Telegram user can create a bot to fulfil a wide range of purposes, like auto-posting or handling full-fledged conversations with individuals. Telegram bots are very useful for saving manual work when it comes to handling repetitive conversations with individuals. For this reason, many companies use this feature to implement an FAQ bot.

These bots can also be highly sophisticated and help one trade on an exchange through Telegram if a user implements them properly. Other than that, Telegram bots can be used to send alerts, trading signals, etc.


The aforementioned reasons give us an idea of why every crypto follower should be using Telegram.

* does not offer financial advice, sell any financial products, or encourage to invest in specific assets or instruments.*